Eileen Fisher - Repositioning the Brand Case Solutions

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Case Summary * Eileen Fisher is an American clothing designer and founder of the American women's clothing retailer, Eileen Fisher, Inc * Eileen Fisher had enjoyed phenomenal success in its first quarter century: its growth in revenues and profits had been driven by both the strong brand loyalty of its core customers, and the opening of fifty retail stores dedicated to the brand. * The company was consistently recognized as one of the best companies to work for and had an impressive environmental sustainability and social responsibility record Main Issue * The median customer age of Eileen Fisher was currently at 59 and increasing each year, keeping pace with the age of the company’s visionary founder, Eileen Fisher * The company embarked on a strategic project to develop a new brand expression that would set the foundation for the future direction of the company. The project resulted in a brand repositioning Problem Statement * The company found itself stereotyped as a brand for older, and, to some extent, customers with larger body types * The brand could eventually become extinct if actions weren't taken to attract a new generation to the brand * The repositioning brand strategy has a risk to consumers who are loyal to Eileen Fisher Analysis Solutions * To sort the things out, the company hired IDEO - a leading design and innovation firm, to clarify the company’s brand vision and to apply those principles consistently across retail channels to reach new audiences, without alienating veteran devotees. * In the short term, Fisher wanted to communicate a strong and focused message to consumers about how the company and its products had evolved, to dismantle the negative perceptions and stereotypes that were boxing in the brand. In a provocative move to kick off the second phase of their work, called the STITCH

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