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Case #1- Slanket: Responding to Snuggie’s Market Entry How can Gary Clegg, the founder of the sleeved blanket, “Slanket,” compete with the successful emergence of a substitute product, “The Snuggie”? Does Allstar Marketing Group’s exceptional promotion and sales of their “Snuggie” mean the failure of Gary Clegg’s “Slanket” and how does this present the benefits and disadvantages of being first to the market versus being second? Gary Clegg is the founder, of the “Slanket,” a two-sided brushed polyester, anti-pilling blanket with sleeves. Clegg’s utilized his education in marketing to create a strong and affordable marketing scheme for the Slanket that involved, television and print channels, QVC, SkyMall, and online word of mouth promotion. This strategy allowed the Slanket to generate five million dollars in revenues by its fifth year of production. All was looking promising for Clegg’s business that held a strong focus on high quality products and ethical business practices. However, in 2008, a similar, but cheaper, product with a competitive edge quickly entered and dominated the sleeved blanket market, which was called “the Snuggie”. The Snuggie was launched by Allstar marketing Group and through an expensive advertising budget the brand gained immediate awareness and success. The Snuggie became a social media phenomenon, and was marketed to millions of people through YouTube parodies and Facebook groups broadcasting the many ways one could utilize and wear the Snuggie. The power of opinion leaders such as, Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degenres, added to the products growing popularity as they donned the blanket with sleeves on their respected television shows. The success of the Snuggie was overwhelming and the Slanket was no longer part of ones schema for a “blanket with sleeves.” Snuggie did not only surpass the Slanket in awareness and popularity, but the Snuggie

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