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Effects of Facebook on College Students Essay

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Bingxin Zhou
Statistic Essay
Facebook creates a new era of internet. It has spread over the globe in an incredible speed and now has a tremendous impact on people in various walks of life. This social networking site is considered as the most robust tool of maintaining friendships and making networking connection. For college students nowadays who were born in a golden age with booming internet techniques, Facebook makes up a large proportion of their life. They become habitual of it. Every day, from the time when they wake up, students cannot stop browsing Facebook. Therefore, I want to explore how Facebook affect college students’ life. In order to find out the answer, I conducted a survey to twenty random people on my floor.
In my survey, 90% (18 of 20) of students believe that Facebook indeed promotes their relationship with friends. Some students utilize Facebook to keep in touch with their long-lost friends. Since people post their photos and update status on Facebook, we know more deeply about friends’ daily life without staying with them. When someone complains about his current situation, his friends usually leave comments to comfort him. Sometimes this way works better than talking face-to-face. But there may be a disastrous result of complaining on Facebook. A scenario is that a college student’s internship does not proceed very smoothly. So he posts his complaints on Facebook. Unfortunately, his employer reads his comments about the company by coincidence. Obviously, the consequence is that he loses his job. What we all know is that Facebook is the right place to seek new friends and build network, but we don’t know that it can destroy relationships at the same time. When we browse the Facebook page of people, we unconsciously prejudge and classify them, whom we may have never met before. This kind of misunderstanding and inaccurate interpretation is absolutely detrimental for communication.
The threat to students’ safety brought by Face book is...

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