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Negotiation Exercise1: Alpha Electronics PM 598 November 26, 2011 My experience as a customer when returning a product has been neutral. Many products that I purchase are clothing items. The common question I have been asked by customer service, if there was anything wrong with the item or if I would like to exchange the item. When I purchase electronic items, I am usually asked the same thing. The only difference is that based on the contract “store policy” when purchasing an electronic item, if the item is not faulty there is a restocking fee. The goals for both parties are to accomplish a win-win situation and satisfaction. 1) What are the goals of the negotiation from the perspective of each party?…show more content…
In this case study she did not act in the appropriate manner and lost the company tremendous profit against this return, by not complying with the “customer is always right” and obliging with his request to receive a full refund and an apology. Instead, she missed the mark in her objective to settle the return process with a win-win outcome and lost the business a profit. The objective is to maintain customer loyalty with the return process. The most effective marketing tool is word of mouth if Sara’s interaction with the custom is unpleasant, the customer could speak to friends and families about his or her negative experience at the retail location and give the establishment a bad name. With the social media taking on such a huge role in marketing, the customers could blog or post his or her negative experience with the retail establishment and hinder his or her future profit. In this case, the customer will communicate to his peers that Alpha Electronics would rather offer full refund and a huge discount than have his or her associates’ apologies for a bad customer

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