Economic Boom Of 1920S

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The 1920’s was a time of extreme highs and lows. After World War 1, America had come to a point to where we were able to take over. European overseas markets became the ultimate industrial world leaders. As technology, construction, advertising, entertainment and the interests of other grew; America was experiencing a decade of a great business boom in almost every industry.This is where we get the economic boom of the 1920’s. The average household could afford new products due to popularity and mass productions. This helped the increase of the economy as less people were out of jobs and unemployment rates were at an all-time low. Construction was at its busiest in the 1920’s than ever before, with the new factories, houses, and businesses. With industrial growth at an all-time high, there was a demand for factories that needed to produce the new products. The 20’s was “age of the skyscraper” with new hospitals, public buildings, cinemas, offices, banks, and more. More people used buses, airplanes, and cars rather than the railroad to travel. The 1920’s were also a huge clothing period. More and more clothes were being produced in factories and sold at chain stores with a variation between prices. Along with people doing less for themselves, after work people had more time for leisure activities. Sports, games, music, and film filled the majority of this new leisure time. This decade included self-generating with the growth of industries and mass production of several new products. The development of electricity made the 1920’s the decade of all things
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