Dutchess Ice Cream Shoppe Strategic Marketing

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To: Ms. Rita Thakur, Owner/Investor From: Marketing Consultant Subject: Marketing Growth Strategy Date: Thursday, June 19, 2014 This memorandum summarizes possible alternative growth strategies, recommendations for each growth strategy, two best recommended growth strategies that would most likely meet your growth objectives, an explanation as to why I think these strategies are best, and my assumptions based on the needs for Dutchess Ice Cream Shoppe. As we discussed, your objective is to develop a plan to expand your business at your establishment. I have evaluated possible alternative growth strategies for your business to increase your business opportunities. I recommend a more specific approach to expand your company. For example, in order to increase profit revenue you should start by increasing sales on a specific existing product. For instance, you can try to increase strawberry desserts by 10% within the first six months of the fiscal year. Below, you will find the possible alternative growth strategies. Possible Alternative Growth Strategies * Market Penetration Strategy- You stated that you spend little money on advertising so my recommendation would be to increase advertising, change sizes or packages on hand packed sizes of ice cream. For bigger packages, decrease the price so that customers can get more ice cream for a lesser price. In other words, get more and pay less. This is a great way to compete in the market with competitors that charge more money for less ice cream. With increase advertising or promotion, an advertising campaign can be launched to generate greater brand awareness or implement a short-term promotion with a finite ending date. Another strategic tactic would be to have more distribution channels which would be another example of increasing market penetration by increasing methods used to get products into hands of
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