Drug Abusers Essay

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ISSUES INVESTIGATION OF ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR DRUG ABUSE 1.WHAT IS YOUR RESEARCH TOPIC AND WHY? The topic I have chosen to research is Drug Abuse. I chose this particular topic because Drug Abuse is something that is quite common in society and can affect people around us. I also think its important to have some knowledge about this because I can identify what makes it anti-social and how it affects someone who is abusing drugs. 2.WHY DO PEOPLE TAKE DRUGS? There are many different, wrong reasons for taking drugs. Like: • Peer/Social pressure • Easy access to the drugs • Loneliness or unhappiness • Addiction to a type of drug (pain medication, anti depressants) • Problems they would rather not face • Depression • Bad home life 3.WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE ANTI-SOCIAL? To be anti-social means to be un-sociable with others and are not inclined to have companionship or be around people. People who are anti-social are associated with being disruptive or hostile or socially unaware in particular situations. They can seem rude or shy and do not have good communication skills. 4.WHY DRUG ABUSERS ARE CONSIDERED ANTI-SOCIAL People who are drug abusers are considered anti-social because of the effects drugs have on them. Drugs can lead someone to become very paranoid are people, they can create mental disorders like schizophrenia, and can lead a person to crime, which then causes problems in society. Drug abusers experiences mixed emotions and are typically unhappy and may even result in death. These are the things that make drug abusers anti-social. They’re behaviour is not normal and cannot conform to the everyday things people do. 5.HOW THE ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR CAN BE REDUCED OR CONTROLLED Drug abuse can be resolved or helped by types of treatment. These treatments may not make the user suddenly sociable, but over time, the treatments will help a
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