Drug Abuse Among Adolescents

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Drug abuse among the adolescence is one among the ongoing debates. Recent research shows that the drug abuse among the adolescence is on the rise. Several researches have been conducted to establish the real cause of drug among the adolescence. There is no specific cause of drug abuse as by the findings, but a lot has been suggested to be the causes of drug abuse among the children in their adolescent stage. The abuse of drugs starts as a simple thing where one attempt a small amount then later graduate to taking larger amount, and finally becomes an addict. From the experience of having been one, it started as part of the fun we had with my friends. Although it was a fan, we did this to fit the group. It was all done out of pressure. Adolescence is a tricky stage that makes one fantasize a lot more than getting to the reality. At this stage, most people consider themselves as adults, but the problem is when these people fail to admit who they really are. By thinking that they are adults, they find themselves out of control and therefore engage in activities that affect them even to their later stages in life (Estroff, 2001). Many researchers explain about drug abuse among the adolescence, but they fail to explain on how to deal with this drug abuse among the youths. There is an important reason to find a solution to this issue of drug abuse. The first and important stage is to identify the causes of drug abuse within the stage of adolescence so to give the necessary suggestions. Much research conducted suggested many causes of drug abuse common in the stage of adolescence. These factors that cause drug abuse range from loneliness, family associated problems, anxiety, stress, peer pressure, curiosity, and attention seeking behavior. The adolescents affected by any of these factors may resort to use drugs as a result, leading them to getting into addiction. The

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