Drill Oil, Do Not Spill It Essay

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Effort 1: drill oil, dont spill it Focus- the focus of this effort is to help prevent the spilling of oil in our oceans. This is a huge problem that we are facing today and one of the main sources of pollution in our oceans. when the oil is spilled it blocks the oxygen flowing through the water causing the suffocation of many fish. it also causes birds wings to basically "stick" so they cant fly and get away from predators. When fish or otters accidently ingests the oil it poisons them as well. So, we need to come together and figure out safer ways to transport oil overseas. We could try and ask oil companies to transport less amounts of oil therefore the chance of it spilling it in the ocean is lessened. also, the speed of the ship could be causing the oil drums to move around and tip over, lessening the speed of the ships could also lessen the chances of spilling the oil. Form- Preservation Rationale- my rationale for choosing this effort is that our huge need for oil is also causing harm to our environment. oil spills have been happening way too much lately and no one is doing anything to prevent it from happening. well someone needs too. i dont like seeing fish and birds and other marine species being killed because of our incompetence and greed for oil and also money. Effort 2: Waste needs to be cleaned up Focus- The focus of this effort is to clean the waste out of our local beaches. too many people just take the liberty of throwing their cans, ciggarette butts, plastic cups, and other trash all over the beach. they dont stop to think about where their waste ends up after they leave it in the sand. it gets thrown or blown into the ocean where fish and other animals try to eat them and end up choking. I would like to get some people together and go to all our local beaches with trash bags and try to clean up as much trash as possible

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