Dreams, Vision and Premonition

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Dreams, Visions, and Premonitions Being the average college student and teenager that wakes up to mundane routines of preparing for school, going to school, then coming home from school, I am constantly bombarded by my friends, relative, and sometimes professors with questions of my plans for the future. They would ask, comment, and argue about the career that suited me and I would always tell them the same thing: I want to be the youngest freelancer ever to be published in TIME magazine, the New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune. Most people find it weird that I think about the future so much, while some just find it cute that I dream so big. But the fact is, I never truly separate my dreams from my plans and that’s what makes me a big dreamer. While most people are content with living in the present, I’m investing every second into what I will be doing in a few years. But as much as I want my 25-year plan to work out for me, I do admit that it won’t be easy. Most people lower their expectations in life to ease disappointment, and I’m normally one of those said people. But when it comes to thinking about what I want to be doing and how passionate I feel about it, I know that I would fight tooth and claw for my success. And as long as I maintain that mindset, who’s to say that it’s wrong for me to dream? Dream. There are people who, like me, have a solid plan for everything, and there are those who refuse to do so, and there are some who are already living theirs without realizing it. The dreams we see at night are a great effect of our real life dreams. They’re symbolic, you see every psychologist’s sworn enemy. It’s tricky to analyze dreams and there are literally published books all about interpreting them. Sometimes, your real life dreams can be that difficult to denote the true meaning of your life in order to obtain your purpose. But we should know that

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