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Mia Walters Mrs. Speca Freshman English; 0012 10 April 2012 Secrets Every once in a while everyone gets that feeling that something is being kept from them, whether it is a secret or something else. Well, the characters in The Giver by Lois Lowry and Fahrenheit 415 by Ray Bradbury realize that some very important parts of life are being kept from them. A common theme in The Giver and Fahrenheit 415 is that censorship is essential to maintaining power in a society because if the citizens knew how the government controlled them they would rebel. If the people of these books knew what used to be and what they were missing out on, they could possibly be very angry that it was taken from them without their consent. For example, in The…show more content…
One of the secrets held from society in Fahrenheit 451 is that there is a war about to happen in the outside world. They also never get to experience the love of a real family. The only family that Mildred considers her own is one on a television show. Mildred’s friends are thankful for the “families” they already have. Mrs. Bowles says how kids aren’t worth anything and that they are just a pain. “No uses going through all the agony for baby”. (Bradbury 96) Therefore they haven’t really experience love whatsoever. If only they knew what they were missing out on. Family is one of the most important things in life. Family is the one thing that a person can rely on no matter what. The ruling power is intentionally breaking down family relationships in both of these books. Both main characters in the end of Fahrenheit 451 and The Giver are unhappy with their family. Montag is because he realizes that his wife doesn’t really love him or appreciate him. Jonas is unhappy mainly with just his father. Toward the conclusion of this book, Jonas ends up not even going home and just stays with the Giver for the

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