Of Mice And Men Dreaming Without Limits

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Everyone believes they can make a difference. They have an ideological mindset that they will achieve everything they dream of. Then somewhere within the steps to achieving their dreams something goes wrong. “The best-laid plans of mice and men go oft astray”- Robert Burns. This quote reveals the harsh reality of life, that dreams may not come true if limits are not considered. People tend to dream dreams without limits. Reality plays a big role in dreaming. In order for one to achieve their dreams they must have limits. People simply just cannot start at the bottom and expect to be at the top the next day. Dreaming with limits allows a person to feel more accomplished and satisfied with their life. Having limits also makes a person realize how complicated it truly is to achieve what they want. Realizing all the complications that come with dreaming without limits brings people back to the harsh reality of life. Things simply cannot be handed to…show more content…
The main characters George Milton and Lennie Small are completely opposite, yet they seem to complete each other. George’s intelligence is average while Lennie’s is more child-like. As a result of Lennie’s child-like mind they face many obstacles that get in the way of accomplishing their dreams. They both work together to achieve their dreams, for George it is a home, and a few acres of land, a place to call his own. As for Lennie, having a child-like mind, his dream is to tend the rabbits. They meet a guy by the name of Candy who has $350 and wants to become a part of their dream. It is as if their dream is at their fingertips. Lennie does the unexpected and accidently kills Curley’s wife. As George finds Lennie, he makes him envision their dream in his head. George then proceeds to shoot Lennie in the back of the head. He does this to protect Lennie from torture. This is where their dream

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