Drag queens Essay

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Drag queens are considered to be the third gender. These performers are men that dress in extravagant costumes and flawless makeup then sing, dance or both to a perfectly choreographed routine. Because these men have two different identities they choose to be referred to as male or female depending on their current attire and environment. However, unlike transgender activists, who like to be addressed in the gender of presentation, the drag queens slip easily and unnoticed out of their usual use of the female gender. A large majority of the performers are homosexuals, but not all of them want to be women. Most of them like being a male that is attracted to other regular males and the make-up and show is simply a profession. However, there are some drag queens that are proud to be admired on stage and often dress as a woman on an everyday basis. Others stay true to the body they were given and only dress when they are at work in order to maintain their original identity and not lose it behind the lights, costume jewelry and make-up. The unique culture and lifestyle of these men is extremely entertaining and widely excepted by homosexuals and many heterosexuals. They are performers that get to have a separate identity and be applauded for reenacting classic songs with their own spin. Their liberalism is so freeing and they literally get to live two lives. It is interesting and somewhat educational for people to see outside of the normal genders and view first hand a created gender by oppressed homosexuals. A drag queen is a person, usually a man, who dresses, and usually acts, like a woman often for the purpose of entertaining or performing. Drag queens are gay men who dress as women but not all want to be women or have women's bodies. There are many kinds of drag artists and they vary greatly from professionals who have starred in movies to people who just try it
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