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There are many different mainstream artists that are liked in this world of music. Some of them include individuals like Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, etc., particularly from main stream music. These music artists are much respected in most of the work they do. Although there are some likes in the music world, there is just as much hate in this music world. Artists like the Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black, were not liked by many people. Although there will be others that dislike musical artists that are liked by a majority of people, these particular music artists are still very popular now. One of the older mainstream bands that received an amount of hate was the Jonas Brothers. They consist of 3 band members, Kevin Jonas, the oldest, Joe Jonas, the “middle” child, and Nick Jonas, the youngest one. One of the main reasons the Jonas Brothers received hate from different people mainly was because of their choice of clothing. They wore “skin tight clothing”. Some people say that their skinny jeans were so tight that they were just like “spandex”. Although Nick and Joe did get a majority of the hate, Kevin was very left out of this hate situation as they became popular. Other reasons why boys in general disliked the Jonas Brothers was because of the purity and the faith they have. Since the media portrays that, if you are a virgin, you are not “cool” and straight, a lot of teenage boys thought they were gay. They made a promise to have sex before marriage and because of that the Jonas Brothers were called gay. Nonetheless, the Jonas Brothers are still an exceptional group, but will still continue to gain an immense amount of hate and love from others, and are a very faithful group. Another one of the main stream artists hit the music world by storm; Justin Bieber was discovered through his YouTube videos. He turned out to be one of the most hated

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