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Alex Benn's 'Dont get me started' Strolling down that desolate road on a mid-november's morning. The golden leaves drift down to be engulfed by the psychedelic mists. Many would consider this setting a peaceful retreat, an escape from the reality of everyday life. Unfortunately, i simply cannot share this same enthusiasm,due to the fact that this picturesque walk holds a dark, sombre truth right as you so dare walk around that corner. Now the loud chugs and splutters of all types of pollutants are yours to endure, as you will now wait at the side of the road for at least half an hour to embrace possibly the most dreary spectacle known to man-kind... the approaching bus. This in one way or another neaty brings us to the chosen topic i have…show more content…
'quiet zone' will really spark off your inner hulk. I travel with friends or family on the trains possibly once every two months. I also use buses almost everyday to school. Do you know what the utmost worst thing is about public transport? Worse than people with body odour standing with their pits in my face, worse than drunk people getting on and regurgitating half-digested chips? EARPHONES! Whoever designed these small rage-inducing atrocities should not be working for a multi-billion dollar corporation only a burger technician at the local takeaway. More sound comes out of the speakers and into the general world than goes into the person’s head! This is a lose lose situation, by the way, because not only are we forced to listen to some diabolical 'beat' for the entire journey, the person who the noise is intended for can’t actually hear it because all the sound is going outwards and so they TURN IT UP! In terms of music, i consider myself to be quite open, but i simply cannot accept something that sounds like a rather overly excited chimp that has found two dustbin lids. This doesn't go for all brands obviously, but it only takes one to rise above the

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