Don't Ban Books Persuasive Essay

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Many schools across the United States have banned books from their libraries and curriculum, because of content in these books that they have deemed inappropriate for students. However, I feel that books should not be banned at our school. There are many reasons why I feel that books should not be banned. A few of them follow. One, here in the United States we are provided with freedoms including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Two, content that is deemed politically incorrect now was at one time accepted, so in order to accurately document history this content must also be observed in books. Three, with a free-market economy, books that are inappropriate, or deemed bad, will not sell and will therefore not be a problem after some time. One of the many advantages of citizenship in the United States is our freedoms. These freedoms, which include life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, prevent us from being unfairly limited in our potential for happiness and success. What this means is that by banning books, potential to learn and improve from learning about the content in those books would be lost. This loss of potential to learn would be infringing upon our freedom of liberty as American citizens. As American citizens we also enjoy the benefits of a free market economy. The definition of a free market economy is an economy in which the allocation for resources is determined only by their supply and the demand for them. What this means is that as there is more demand for a book, there will be more supply, and if there is less demand for a book, there will be less supply. So, if a book is popular among all audiences, it will be more widely spread; whereas, a book containing content that people find offensive will be less widely spread and will therefore have fewer copies made. This control of books by a free market economy eliminates the need

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