Dominate Culture Patterns

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Pamela Brown HUMS 109 Ruth Davis November 4, 2012 Dominate Culture Patterns How can one picture have ten different interpretations? The answer is if that one picture is viewed by ten individuals, of diverse cultural backgrounds. With this same notion, one can understand how differing cultures can see the same topic in varying ways. The top dominate cultural patterns that are in the United States included: personal control over the environment, change, time and its control, equality, individualism/ privacy. The first thing to be looked at is personal control over the environment and change. With personal control over the environment, individuals assert themselves over the land which they occupy. This includes but is not limited to construction on vast areas of unchartered territories to develop housing additions. Change is also looked at. While changing the surroundings are implied, it is also noted that Americans view change optimistically and as sign of progression. The second thing to be observed is time and its control. The United States places specific emphasis on time and schedules. There are strict deadlines, rigid schedules, and expectations that are to be met. This belief is in contrast to other cultures that put more into knowing the entirety of all things involved, rather than just the time to show up. The last things to be examined are equality and individuality/ privacy. Equality is the belief that every individual is an equal. Individuality is also used interchangeably with freedom. It is thought that personal initiative is one of the best qualities that the American people possess. I can honestly say that all of the patterns associated with dominate cultural are beliefs that I share. As a child you are groomed to think that you are special, and that the world around you will change. I was brought up to think that

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