Deviance, Norms, And Society Beliefs

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Sociology 1 Class Paper Looking through the Sociology lens we are able to see the systematic study of human society today. Beliefs are specific statements that people who share a culture hold to be true. Beliefs are strongly underlined by Values which broadens Beliefs. Deviance is the violation of cultural norms. Norms guide all human activity, so the concept of Deviance is quite broad itself. I have seen both Deviance and Beliefs shape the society we live in today. This has helped me gain the capacity to evaluate my own behavior. No ones approval is needed in society one should always remember that ideal culture always differs from real culture while remembering that everyone has responsibilities to others. Sociology lets us define and explain human behavioralism such as Beliefs. Specific ideas that people in society hold to be true is the root existence of Beliefs. Beliefs are particular matters which people hold to be true or false. Values pertain to beliefs, Values are culturally defined standards that people use to decide what is desirable, good, and beautiful which serves as a broad guideline for social living. People sharing a culture are looking at the same Values to make choices about how to live. In the United States we hold Key Values to our way of life, One being Freedom. We have always been told that we are free to be whom ever we choose to be and pursue personal goals. Through out my life I have carried my Beliefs as well as Values which have been both in conflict and harmony with other peoples culturally defined standards and Beliefs on their guidelines of living. Members in society say that they believe in Equality and Opportunity for all yet many are looked down on because of race or sexual orientation, I have coexisted with both. Value conflict has caused a strain for me which has lead to self discomfort and awkwardness which caused balancing
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