Do We Need Money to Be Happy?

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Does money make you happy? In todays materialistic world, a world comprised of status and labels, money reigns supreme. The power of money is obvious, the corporations and governments that rule the world are built on a foundation of wealth. The human instinct to strive for superiority still remains a driving force for all. We all wish to be perceived as the 'alpha' and money is perhaps the simplest way to achieve this status - the idea of success is perceived as directly proportionate to power, power proportionate to money and therefore money is proportionate to happiness. If todays convoluted society, the pursuit of money is directly linked to the pursuit of happiness, but for anyone to be truly happy, this cannot be the case. Take this hypothetical situation into account. A man with terminal cancer, int he final stages of life, wins the lottery. He has all the money he dreamed of, yet he is still bedridden- he will still leave his family behind- the money does not allow him to escape his imminent death. He can buy his mansions, his luxury cars, he can buy the latest technology, but does this equate to happiness? Does this mean he has achieved? Will he be remembered after death? Has he fulfilled life to its fullest potential now that he has millions? The answer is no. The premise of imminent death strips away the delusional fog surrounding the importance of wealth- as if it is a necessity for success and happiness. This man in the eyes of society has everything, yet he has nothing. What is the point of owning millions if he is going to die? This can be applied to all. We are not immortal. Our lives may last longer than the aforementioned man, but the same questions can be asked. What is the point of wealth if we are destined for death? Does wealth equate to success - the fulfilment of potential? Being affluent does not make a human being moral, loved
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