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Mr. MacInnis ENG 4U1 Thursday April 5th, 2012 Willy Loman: An Everyman Every day, our society takes its scalpel, cuts open our brains, and shoves the flawed “American Dream” into our subconscious mind. Movies, novels, plays, and songs, all skillfully sharpened to imprint us with the idea of having the perfect white-picket fence, a gorgeous family home, and all the luxury one can imagine. I often question why the media insists on doing this. My understanding is that in some sickening way, we enjoy watching, studying, and comparing mirror images of ourselves. As we carry our daily lifestyles, with its goals of obtaining the ultimate materialistic success, we are all living, breathing, Willy Lomans. As travelling salesmen, we sell ourselves…show more content…
When dead and decomposed, we are still capable of being labeled by our monetary value. The more one’s life insurance is worth, the worthier one will be. Unfortunately, Willy Loman makes the discovery that his death holds more money than does his life. Despite Charley’s efforts at convincing Willy that “nobody’s worth nothin’ dead (98),” the salesman proceeds to end his life for the “$20,000 proposition (103).” While some readers may have frowned upon his actions, they are not far from our own. In an attempt to increase the value of their lifeless bodies, millions of people invest money every month into a life insurance policy. Consequently, we are further developing the capitalistic mindset. Perhaps Willy is correct in saying “a man is not a piece of fruit (82)” one can “eat…and throw…away (82).” The efficiency of today’s world will not allow this to occur. Humanity has become so engulfed in the goal of making money, that we have designed a method of doing so past a person’s “useful” period. Whether we choose to end our own life, or let nature take it for us, we are all like Willy Loman. We put a price on our life and cash it in once it is gone, making us all society’s
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