Do Protect Our Future—Our Children Essay

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Do Protect Our Future—Our Children It is said by many that children are the future. It is especially true when implementing sweeping reforms, governments of the developed countries tends to devote resources to education as education is always believed to be the ultimate solutions to almost any sort of problem. It seems that everyone understand the importance of raising healthy and knowledgeable children. However, in reality, a lot of children, surprisingly in both developed and developing countries, are deprived of their basic needs and fail to properly develop and grow. A lot of children are plagued by the problem of “Child Poverty” and this problem is very alarming in a lot of poor places as well as developed places including Hong Kong. The definition for child poverty is clear and self-explanatory. According to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child which is the most popular and ratified children rights instrument around the globe (US and Somalia have not ratified the Convention), children should all be equally entitled to four rights. First, it is the right to survival and to the resources necessary for survival such as food, water and shelter. Second, it is the right to develop to the fullest of their potential, such as having access to education. Third, it is the right to be protected from harmful influences, abuse and exploitation of any kind. Finally, it is the right to participate fully in the family, cultural and social life of their communities.① And child poverty, according to both UNICEF and Free The Children, will be a significant lack of the basic needs required as well as opportunities such that their rights cannot be realized. The three basic concerns emphasized most would be need for healthy diets, need for education as well as need for adequate health care. ② All these definitions are qualitative and it is true that

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