Discuss the View That Hero Is the Most Important Character in Much Ado About Nothing Essay

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Hero is one of the main characters in the Shakespeare play Much ado. Hero is the only daughter of Leonato and is shown to not have a mother. However, in one of the earlier editions of the play, Hero did have a mother named Innogen'. With Hero being Leonato's only daughter, she lacks control over her life, and is instead controlled by her father. We do know an exact reason why, but can assume it's because he is Hero's only parental figure. Hero is a quite character throughout the whole of the novel, but without her, three would not be a novel. This is because Hero is seen to be the foundation of the novel as the plot of the novel is based around Hero and Claudio. Hero is an innocent yet obedient character whom is first dominated by her father, then to be dominated by her future husband; whom is Claudio as we later found out in the novel. 2:1:43 "I trust you will be ruled by your father". Beatrice says this to Hero in identification of the hold Leonato holds over Hero. Also in that scene, we get Leonato saying to Hero "Know your answer". This meaning accept whatever marriage comes forth. This just proves that Leonato and Hero both know that Leonato is the decision maker for Hero. Hero is seen in the play as the ideal woman in a patriarchal society; quiet and obedient and only speaks when not spoken to. This being one of Hero's character points that she is more vocal when she is around women rather than men. This character point could be two dimensional; the other dimensions being that Hero only speaks to women as they are the same, and not to mention as they seem to inferior or superior to them. Hero is quite an attractive character, which results in Claudio falling in love at first sight and proposing to her. It is quite important that Hero is the most attractive female in the novel. As, Claudio is the most attractive male in the novel. So it would be right for

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