Comparing Women In Much Ado About Nothing And Homer's Odyssey

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Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and Homer’s Odyssey are both set in a patriarchal world. In these worlds, time periods, a women's honor is the most valuable thing that she has. They have little to their name and no inheritance so they must protect their honor, at all costs. In each society a woman who has lost her honor, or is unfaithful is seen as ……….. The roles of women in Much Ado About Nothing and the Odyssey are quite similar in many regards. The gender theme in Much Ado About Nothing like many of the works of that can be seen as a loaded concept. The female characters portrayed by Shakespeare in the majority of his work are often seen as submissive and easy to control. The daughters and nieces submit to the patriarchal society and repression of the time with no obvious complaint. Characters are subject to limitations and expectations because of their gender. These restrictions can be seen easiest in the “daughter” character Hero. Leonato, Hero’s father, has complete control over every area in her life. This control is seen in Act Two, when Leonato speaks with Hero about his belief that Don Pedro would be seeking marriage. It is here that Leonato orders Hero to accept the advances of Don Pedro despite the age difference: “Daughter, remember what I told you.…show more content…
The Greek society was built upon the beliefs that good women faithfully serve and support their husband in all areas of their lives. In addition, a good woman never strays or deviates from their set roles. However, in stark opposition to women roles of that time are the strong female characters introduced by Homer. The women depicted in The Odyssey are very wise. This character trait in women is very different from the women portrayed most often in other Ancient Greek stories. The Odyssey had many strong female characters ranging from Gods to
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