Discuss If Helium-3 Is Worth Effectively and Financially to Be Used as Energy Production on Planet Earth.

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Physics Essay Discuss if helium-3 is worth effectively and financially to be used as energy production on planet earth. A demand in energy is likely to increase in the next few years due to the increase in population and energy supplies. In the past few years researchers and scientists have been searching for a clean alternative energy source that can be used as energy production on Earth. From investigations and research, they were able to discover Helium-3. Helium 3 is an isotope of helium that is scarce on Earth however, a huge amount can be found on the moon as it was discovered in 1972, in an exploratory mission led by NASA. Since then, there has been a huge interest among scientists, researchers, physicists and geologists planning ways in mining and using it. It was soon discovered that helium-3 has the potential to be used as fuel in future nuclear fusion power plants as it can produce an incredible amount of power with almost no radioactivity. Helium-3 to be used as the next nuclear fusion power would be quite effective on planet Earth. Nuclear fusion combines nuclei to produce energy and it creates four times as much energy compared to nuclear fission, which is the current form of commercialised nuclear power. In nuclear fusion, it has been tested with reactions of hydrogen isotopes; deuterium and tritium however; it gave off the majority of its energy as radioactive neutrons which is quiet hazardous and raises safety concerns. In contrast, when helium-3 reacts with deuterium it produced low levels of radioactivity and is perfectly safe as it does not give off any pollution or radioactive waste. Therefore, it shows no danger to surrounding areas. By having helium-3 as the next power production on earth it will also decrease the amount of pollution and radioactive waste in the atmosphere. Nuclear power which involves the process of fission has provided

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