Disadvantages And Advantages Of The Electoral Coll

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September 10th 2010 Civics Essay on the Electoral College Merits and Disadvantages of the Electoral College The Electoral College is the system that elects a new president every four years. A group of electors who belong to the electoral are the ones who officially elect the President; each state has a certain number of electors depending on its population size. On Election Day, the population may think that what they are doing is directly choosing the President but they are really choosing their electors. To be elected president, you must receive majority of the elector’s ballots, meaning at least 270 out of 538 electors. There are many merits to having the Electoral College System: This requires a distribution of popular support to be elected for President, it enhances minority’s interests and encourages the two-party system. But as there are merits, there are also many disadvantages to having electors elect the president, such as electing a minority president, the electors may depress the voter turnout, or they could just choose whoever they want to without even thinking about the voters rights. Many people have a take strong liking to the Electoral College System but at the same time many people don’t. Throughout its 200 year span many people have taken huge steps to try and eliminate it completely, feeling as if it was unfair and didn’t give the people any say so, but what they don’t realize is that the Electoral College System is based on allowing the people to have a say in who’s running their country. Some of the concerns of the people as stated before are: electing a minority President, electors depressing the voter turnout, and them just choosing who they want without listening to the people. A way in which a minority President could be elected is by us having three candidates so that no one could get the majority votes;
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