Waiting Times At Ballot Boxes Draw Scrutiny

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Waiting Times at Ballot Boxes Draw Scrutiny. Voting Time American Government 2301 Instructor Mary Lou “The New York Times” has published an article that relates to voting and the problems that people experience during the process. “Waiting Times at Ballot Boxes Draw Scrutiny” is the title of an article written by Jeremy Peters. He addresses some of the most important issues that pertain to the right of people to vote, their equal ability to do so and the government that has a responsibility before the citizens to provide best and accessible conditions to cast the vote. The article also gives some hints and clues to the separation between classes and minorities who have a different experience and possibility to vote. One…show more content…
The changing economy and the social strain are very significant problems of the modern world. People are starting to lose faith in governments every day and the examples of this are conflicts that take place all over the world. The government of the United States has proven to back up people and support their rights in any way possible. Voting was not an issue in the past decade, as people have gained their equal rights of voicing an opinion, in regards to the government they want to see controlling matters of the country. Even though it might seems as a small problem, comparing to all other troubles that the nation has experienced, nonetheless it must be addressed in a timely matter because any delay in making the decision will make the issue even more severe. It might cause people’s choice of government to become much skewed. If some area has a majority of supporters for a certain party and the conditions for them to vote are beneficial, the community will be able to include all their votes, and comparing to a place that has supporters of the opposite party but has no opportunity to vote. The candidate for the election will lose that majority of votes and people will be faced with the government that only minority wanted to see in…show more content…
The article briefly mentions that Hispanics and blacks had to wait longer in lines and had less ability to vote. A book titled “The Congressional Black Caucus, Minority Voting Rights, and the U.S. Supreme Court” talks about this issue and gives several explanations. One was that minority groups have jobs that are very demanding and require longer hours. This prevents people from waiting for longer periods of time in line. Another problem was that even though there are anti-discrimination policies, a slight differential treatment towards minorities is still present. Employers expect and demand more input from minority groups and that is why people are hesitant to leave their workplace to cast a vote (Rivers, 2012). An outside source looks at voting from a different perspective. An interestingly opposing statistic is that minority groups with higher education and social status take the time to participate, as voting is very important to them. They want to take part in the choice of their government because it took so long and so much effort for them to receive the equal rights and abilities to enjoy democracy (Speel, 2010). The American government acknowledges that there is a problem and there are steps that are being taken to avoid the long waits at the polling places but the reality stays grim. There are very many issues that must be presently addressed and

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