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Philip Caputo was born in Westchester, an urban community in northern Illinois that constantly had him yearning for an adventure. In 1960, John F. Kennedy was the president and Caputo was ready to ask what he could do for his country. At age twenty-four, he decided to quit the country life and join the marines. He had heard the gallant stories of battles fought in years past and was looking for the same glamorous war stories he could tell of himself. However, the heroic battles and stories he had hoped for turned out to be a figment of his imagination; Vietnam was the ugliest war the United States has ever encountered. The book starts off with Caputo’s decision to join the marines and become an officer. He goes through military school, and in the spring of 1965 he landed in Danang, Vietnam. Most of the book covers his three year enlistment which started in 1964 and ended in 1967 when he was discharged from military service. He talks about the struggles he went through during the war…show more content…
In the beginning chapters of the book, he is eager and looking forward to war. By the end of the book, wishes he had never been involved in the war. A dramatic change took place inside this man between his enlistment and discharge. I read this change to be an extreme form of growing up. Not the form of growing up that most young men these days go through, but the growing up a man does when he watches friends die. The growing up that is necessary to stay alive during war. Howard Fast’s quote at the beginning of chapter seven states, “And you’ve lost your youth and come to manhood, all in a few hours....Oh, that’s painful. That is indeed” (111). These words best describes the point I’m making about the theme of this book. In such a short time he had to grow and cope with many tragic loses. Not to mention the strain of all the pressures he went through almost seems unbearable to

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