Novel- Sunrise over Fallujah

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Title: Sunrise Over Fallujah Author: Walter Dean Myers Text Type: Novel In the novel “Sunrise over Fallujah” written by Walter Dean Myers it is a realistic fiction story about a young man named Robin “Birdy” Perry who is a new army recruit from Harlem. He is an average mid- twenties soldier who isn’t sure why he joined the army and he doesn’t have a good perspective that he’s going to Iraq or why. The plot takes place in Fallujah Iraq in many different areas from being in a humvee patrolling the streets to a domestic home trying to defuse a detonator in a flour jar. It starts out in a base camp mess hall south of Fallujah. There robin meets a soldier from Georgia called Jonsey, a guitar playing blues man who grew up in the ghetto thinking that joining the army would give him discipline and keep him out of trouble. He plans to open a blues club someday and compares everything to music, but for now they have each other’s back. Jonsey soon becomes Robin’s best friend in the military The Civilian Affairs soldiers are supposed to help the people living in a war zone by providing them with medicine, water, or assistance in developing a new independent political system after Saddam Hussein is gone. But the Rules of Engagement change frequently, and Robin and his fellow soldiers learn that some civilians are from different warring tribes or simply want Americans dead. Soldiers who Robin talks to one day are kidnapped and When some people in an ambulance try to kill Robin and his comrades, Robin realizes he can no longer relax anywhere. Another time he sees an officer from his company killed by an IED set off from a cell phone. Pulling that man from the remains of his vehicle haunts Robin’s thoughts for a long time afterwards. At one hospital, Robin is forced to act quickly to save a female Captain. With each new experience, he feels he has become a different

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