Dillon V. Champion Jogbra

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Dillon v. Champion Jogbra Janisa D. Carter HRM510 Business Employment Law Instructor: Professor Damaris Garrett Strayer University March 17, 2013 1. What were the legal issues in this case? In the case of Dillon v. Champion Jogbra, the legal issues stem from plaintiff Linda Dillon filing suit, alleging wrongful termination of her employment with Champion Jogbra Inc. Linda Dillon further contends that the trial court erroneously concluded that Champion Jogra had not modified Dillon’s at-will employment status specific with policies within the company’s employment manual and its employment practices. Dillon claims that undeniable material facts miscarried in the claim for promissory estoppel in support of wrongful discharge. In January 1997, Linda Dillon was hired as a part time worker for Champion Jogbra Inc., and in August 1997 she was hired full time as a “charge back analyst.” Shortly thereafter, Champion Jogbra’s management informed Dillon about a “sales administrator” position that was to become available in the summer of 1998, and Dillon was encouraged to apply for the position. Dillon was promised “extensive training” for the position, and that her predecessor, who would be leaving on the 15th of August, would train her. Management also reassured Dillon that it would take a couple of months to adjust to the position, and that she shouldn’t be concerned about it. However, her predecessor’s scheduled end date came sooner than planned. Dillon was offered the position and accepted it, with two days of training from her predecessor and a promise that her predecessor would return for additional training, which did occur two days in September. At this point, Dillon stated that she felt that the supplemental training was sufficient for the job. On September 29, Dillon was called into the office, in the presence of her supervisor and

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