Differences Between European And Native Americans In Brian Moore's Black Robe

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Amanda Adkison History 1301 Spring 2012 Dr. Barr European and Native American are two very different groups of people. The differences are very noticeable. In the novel “Black Robe,” Brian Moore demonstrates the difficulties that come when you take a person out of their own way of life and are forced to learn the ways of other groups. The major differences include religion, culture, communication, and their pattern of surviving. The differences between the Native American tribes and the Europeans created huge views of one another. Each group thought of themselves as the superior group. The Jesuits were very convinced their beliefs were the correct beliefs and since the Natives didn’t have the same beliefs they were considered dirty…show more content…
The Algonquin believed that dreams had very deep meaning. They followed their dreams for guidance. Dreams also have a huge impact on what will happen in their futures. The Europeans did not believe dreams had deep meaning, at all. The Europeans guidance came from God and the Bible. The Algonquin also believed that all living things had spirits and souls, and should be treated with respect. The Natives thought of the Europeans as ignorant children because they couldn’t hear the spirits. The Natives gave more respect to the Europeans, than the Europeans did to the Natives because the Natives respected others and did not doubt their God existed for them. However, the Jesuits only believed in one God, their own. Since the Natives did not believe in the God the Europeans did, this led the Europeans to believe that the Natives were infested with the presence of the devil. The French Priest believes when you die, you would either go to heaven or hell, depending on the way you lived your life and the choices you made. The Europeans wanted to convert the Natives to their religion and save them from the kind of people they are so they would go to heaven when they died. The Natives Americans believed there was only one place to go after death and that was the “land of the night”. They believed that at your death the She Manitou would touch you and guide your…show more content…
The Natives have a very different religion, but they did not force it on others. The Europeans were very forceful with their religion. The world is very enchanted to the Natives, unlike the Europeans. Each group had a very different way of getting food and communicating with one another. There are many problems that come up when they come into contact with each other and try to live together in peace. It makes me wonder if these cultural differences will ever be put to

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