European Values Vs. Indian Values Essay

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Compare and contrast the European values and ways of life to that of the Indians. Be sure to look at religion, views on property ownership, gender relations, and views of freedom. Indians and the Europeans lifestyles differed greatly, more so than bore resemblance to each other. Both, had hundreds of different languages and came from numerous kinds of societies. They both had political and religious beliefs, although they differed greatly from each other. Indians and Europeans religious beliefs both agreed that a single creator stood atop the spiritual hierarchy, however the similarities on their views of religion ends there. Indian beliefs were steeped in religious ceremonies that heavily related to farming and hunting. Indians found their sacred spirits in living and inanimate things, such as animals, plants, trees, water and wind. Indians for example, had rituals they performed to placate the spirits of the animals they had killed. Because Indians did not have a sharp distinction between natural and supernatural, or secular and religious traditions, Europeans believed Indians actually lacked religion or worshipped the devil. For Europeans, religion dictated to them that uniformity was essential to public order. They found freedom through servitude and churches dictated what forms of religious worship and beliefs were acceptable. Europeans were ruled by a king who claimed authority over them via God. Europeans believed that the Indians needed God, and had aspired to convert them to Christianity to save them. True religion, to the Europeans, was thought to promote the progress of civilization. Indians and Europeans views also differed when it came to property ownership. Indians believed they had the right to use land, but that they, nor anyone else owned it. Property was a common resource not an economic commodity to the Indians. Indians were not

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