Difference “a Special Third World Women Issue”

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Nabeal Ummi Cultural Studies 23 October 2012 Difference “A Special Third World Women Issue” The article by Trinh T. Minh-Ha is written about women rights in different way. In my opinion, her explanation represents more complication in race, identity and gender issues if we take them in her way, but also bring sense somehow. In the article, she made a puzzle with different issues and without conclusion which are not connected with each other, but at last it represents a construction of new idea. Here, even she is the writer but she doesn’t narrate herself, she takes completely different sides of different debated issues to demonstrate her new idea. In her introduction she starts with the issue of women identification. The way I see women identification is very much different then she sees it. What I understood from the introduction is she made clear sense about the complication of social and real identity. Trinh T. Minh-Ha is saying women often find out a separate identity, but it always get stuck with the social construction and social “secondhand” memory. If women try to explain herself it becomes very complex with unclear ideas because of cultural codes, representations and then the sense of real identity lose its words. Women are a sign of social agreement, and they are influenced and warned to follow the social assembly and if she follows the assembly it led her to the same fate of her foresisters and their foresisters lived, but still in some sense women get the feelings of separate identity of her. However, in every area some women exist who try to invent new identity out of the social circle. They do it by accepting their differences and turning it into power to change the society. In her opinion, men will allow us to bring little change being in the social circle of limitations, but if we try to bring a big change out of codes and connotations,
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