Feminism Synthesis Essay

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Catherine Arneson Synthesis Essay Period 2 Women have been objectified to look, act, dress, and sound a certain way that social media thinks it acceptable. Through seeking celebration of difference, to break down stereotypes, and appeal for justice all come together to create Third Wave Feminism. With third wave feminism comes the opportunity to break through that wall of criticism and opinion and create the women you truly would like to be. Third wave feminism is a step forward because it breaks down the stereotypes and media portrayals of media. Women over time have been the subject of judgment, critic, and ridicule, having women’s bodies parts portrayed as objects and being objectified through advertisements creates the fight for equality for women that Jean Kilbourne has devoted most of her life trying to achieve. Kilbourne a feminist herself preaches the issue of objectification of women through her writings of Killing Us Softly. Killing us softly reflects the issue at hand by raising the awareness of objectification of women through certain advertisements. Advertisements Kilbourne refers to in her essay are the ones that don’t portray women in the correct way or show the proper equality women have in present day. Women being inferior to males, having their mouths covered, or being mistreated within an add is something that should be stopped or at least being acknowledged that it is a negative message toward women. The message be objectified within these advertisements doesn’t represent the women of present day. Women now a day have more freedom, rights, responsibilities, and are more independent and should be viewed that way instead of how they are actually viewed through advertisements. Third wave feminism is allowing objectification of women to break apart and in the follow years to disappear completely but until then it’s giving the
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