Difference Between Nationalism And Sectionalism

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Chapter 7: Balancing Nationalism and Sectionalism Section 1: Regional Economies Create Differences *Eli Whitney- demonstrated the first musket, made of *interchangeable parts- parts that are exactly alike. -He also invented the *cotton gin in 1793, which helped to set the South on a different course of development from the North. Another Revolution Affects America -Factories became the new center of industry, making *mass production- the production of goods in large quantities possible. -These changes brought about an *Industrial Revolution- social and economic reorganization that took place as machines replaced hand tools and large-scale factory production development. -This revolution was started in Great Britain during the 18th century. -Jefferson’s *Embargo Act of 1807-…show more content…
-In 1819, however, when settlers in Missouri requested admission into the union, conflict arose. The issue was the question of slavery. -Until 1818, the US had consisted of 10 free and 10 slave states. The government admitted Illinois at the 11th free state in 1818. Southerners then expected that mystery would become the 11th slave state, thereby maintaining the balance between the free states and slave states in Congress. -As arguments raged, Alabama was then admitted into the Union as a slave state. Under the leadership of Henry Clay, Congress managed to temporarily resolve the crisis with a series of agreements collectively called the *Missouri Compromise. -Maine was admitted as a free state Missouri as a slave state, thus preserving the sectional bands in the Senate. The rest of the Louisiana Territory was split into two spheres of interest, one for slaveholders and one for free settlers. The Age of
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