Devil Wears Prada

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The Devil Wears Prada 1) Is this a realistic portrayal of the fashion industry? I believe the movie is a fair look at the inside of the fashion industry. Granted there are several Hollywood liberties taken to move to story along, but when looking at the office culture and the interaction between the management, the staff and designers I believe there is a basis of truth. The book “The Devil Wears Prada” was written by Lauren Weisbruger, who based actual experiences she and her friends had in their first jobs in New York for this story. 2) Do you think that Andy would have gotten the job at Runway? Absolutely not. In today’s highly competitive job market Andy would have never gotten passed Human Resources. Andy clearly did not know her audience or know what position she was interviewing for when she meet Miranda. Andy did not know who Miranda was or that she was the editor-n-chief of Runway. Andy was not familiar with the magazine and it was obvious she was not a reader of it. This is a clear sign that Andy did no research prior to her interview. Andy was dressed inappropriately for the interview in my opinion. Even if she was not dressed in high-end designer clothes, she still had a very unprofessional outfit to be interviewing in. I agree with Emily’s summary of her wardrobe – “a frumpy blue sweater and a grandma skirt.” 3) Would Miranda have given Andy a good recommendation? The movie ends on a good note, Miranda giving Andy a positive recommendation at the New York Mirror newspaper. I believe this recommendation was completely out of charter for a woman like Miranda and would not have been the case in the real world. Miranda clearly showed her true self when she organized a coup to save her job. She promised Nigel a position with James Holt but sold him out to save herself. Since Andy quit Runway and thus quit Miranda, I
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