Deviant Behavior: Prescription Drug Abuse

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Deviant Behavior: Prescription Drug Abuse There are many issues with prescription drug abuse, but this paper will only address the sociological aspects of this deviant behavior, not the physical, medical, mental, or psychological reasons for drug abuse. I was married to a man that had a problem with prescription drugs, but never thought he had a problem because a doctor gave him these medications. He did not take them as they were prescribed and he caused our family to suffer greatly as a result. I finally saw that he would not change and I had to ask him to leave. I still love this man, but he had more reasons to use than I could combat. Picking this subject is a bit of a way for me to vent about a situation I could not fix. Prescription…show more content…
According to the 2013 Monitor the Future Survey of high school seniors, fifteen percent used a prescription drug non-medically in the past year, with 9.7 percent abusing ADHD medications and 5.3 percent abusing pain medications. (National Institute of Drug Abuse) Previous studies had shown students were more likely to co-ingest another substance, such as alcohol or marijuana, while under the influence of the pain medication. These kids are getting these drugs from friends and relatives. The relatives may not know the kids are getting into the medicine cabinet. Our kids are also influenced by social media or digital peer pressure. According to a national survey on American attitudes on substance abuse, 45% of teens have seen pictures on social networking sites of other teens getting drunk, passed out or using drugs and 47% of teens who have seen these pictures said that it seemed like the teens in the pictures were having a good time. (QEV Analytics,…show more content…
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