The Importance Of NSA Spying

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Jonathan Aldana English I, Period 6 Mrs. Gassaway March 5, 2015 Is The Government Really Protecting Us? How would you feel that the Government has access to your phone’s apps such as, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook account(s)? Well you would probably be very concerned because, your personal information should only be shared if wanted too. NSA Spying should not be allowed because, it gives access your cellphone’s personal and private information through camera and/or microphone, allows the use of surveillance vans and drones in our neighborhood, and abuse of power. NSA Spying should not be allowed because your personal and private information should be shared only if wanted too and it gives access to things the Government are not…show more content…
On the other hand, NSA Spying is actually very helpful when it comes to attacks that can harm us as a country. The NSA spies on potential people who are capable of committing terrorist or domestic terrorist attacks upon the U.S. This spying has helped us terminate terrorist attacks before they occur, attacks that could be put on the same scale of destruction as 9/11. The NSA is a very helpful government organization that has help fight the war on terror and extremist. NSA Spying should not be allowed because we as Americans have the right to privacy. The NSA should not spy on people, even if the people have nothing to hide. This topic is important because we should be able to keep our information to ourselves and not stalked upon. This is important because you should regard the fact that the NSA could have been going through your cellphone while you read this essay. Works Cited "NSA Spying: Overview." NSA Spying: Overview. Ed. Database NSA. EBSCO, NA May 2014. Web. 7 Jan.

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