Despite Man's Attempts to Control Nature, Nature Has Always Prevailed over Man.

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From the very beginning of the history of man's existence, it has been witnessed that he always surrendered under the forces of nature. The slightest gust of wind or the most minor volcanic erruption have been able to wipe out earlist of mankind, and it was neither guided by his wills, nor protected by his tools. Rather than to claim that man attempts to control nature, it would be more sensile to realize the ability to manipulate parts of nature, is a natural outcome of man's will to protext himslef from brutality of nature.It's probably not the will of nature to take a control over man, but the obstacle it presents has indeed set a path for man's development, effectively controlling man. Man always has to devote resources and time to sourcing for vital nutrients for his existence through nature. man worked around this constraint through agriculture and settlements. This is meant only to improve their lives but it turned out to be some sorts of control over nature. But yet, the power of climate ultimatey relies on nature. Nature has divided resources unevenly but man, with his advances, has defined the optimum resource extraction. Even so, scarcity remains the truth of life, just like many others limited by nature. man has been deprived of flight by nature but has overcome it through close studies of engineering. But the attempt pf flight by the Wright Brothers waasn't to control nature but to dvance the ease of living. This has helped man to be more mobile than nature desired. It seems to be a successful attempt to control nature, but this is just a conrol of the skies, nature is too far from our control. We're still subjected to the laws of gravityand merely overcome those limits set by nature. All sorts of flight accidents stand as the evidences that nature continues to control fate of man. If man were able to control even slightest aspect, many accidents

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