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-Descriptive Essay- There is something very dear and important to me. Although it may not seem like something very significant, it truly is. My room to me is extremely valuable plainly, because it is mine and it is the way I like it to be. There are so many of my possessions that make it mine and that make it unique and special to me. I would most certainly, not like it any other way. As you enter my room, you see light teal walls. You can see and feel the sun shining through my window. My comforter is a silky metallic teal that is extremely thick, soft, and warm with many pillows that are the same tone as the comforter. My bed is a full sized bed where I take many naps and relaxing sleep filled nights that I love. The smell of my room is the smell of myself. When I enter my room, it smells like home to me and comforts me. It is a clean, warm scent that is utterly inviting. My room is small but tidy and is always kept very neat. I keep everything in its precise setting, in order for it to be easy for me to get to my belongings. If anyone were to misplace one of my things, I would undoubtedly notice it. My room has a full bed, an entertainment system with a television, stereo, books, movies, nail polishes, body sprays, and much more. It has two large mirrors with a side table where I have my alarm clock and my lamp on. There is also a framed picture on the wall of a waterfall with the words “creativity” on it. One could say it is a mellow and at ease room. The curtains are the same color as the comforter and are over the window as well as over my closet. On my other wall, are my awards such as my student of the month awards as well as my tennis awards. On my entertainment system, I have all of the books I use that come in handy. I have my English dictionary and Spanish dictionary as well as my Thesaurus and a few of my favorite books that I have read.

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