Van Gogh's Bedroom

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In Arles, a small town in Provence in the south of France, Van Gogh lived during the month of October, in 1888. There he made an oil painting of his bedroom. “La Chambre à coucher”, the French called it. His Bedroom in the painting was very small with very little furniture, just one window and two doors. Many wall hangings like painting, portraits and mirror surround the room. His bed covers most of his bedroom’s space. It’s a very clean and tidy room with everything in place. The walls of his room are pale violet, and the floor is wooden but has green shaded lines on it. On the right of the wall is part of a very common looking blue door. The wall is small enough to fit his bed stuck to the wall and not cross the door on the right. The wall is slightly tilted inward; this wall is not a mistake because his other paintings and letters show that this was the yellow house which was slant at an angle. This wall has two portraits at the very top which slightly hide out from the top of the painting. These portraits are equidistant and their frames are the same and wooden. And just below each of them are two yellow papers which look like some of his painting. The one on the right is horizontal; with black vertical lines in the center of the paper and the one on the left is vertical with black vertical lines not much in the center but moved slightly up. These portraits and papers are just above the bed as the wall is slant. It looked like pine wood was used to make the bed. It is very simple and steady but looks as it did not cost much even at that time. It has two yellow pillows away from the door on the other side; and a matching sheet on the bed and a red bed spread. The bed is all done and looks elegant. The bed is low to the ground and it does not have much space under it. The center view of the room or the back wall has another landscape painting to the very

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