Describe the Russia That Tsar Nicholas 2nd Inherited and Ruled; and Its Problems.

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Describe the Russia that Tsar Nicholas 2nd inherited and ruled; and its problems. ‘During the coronation of Tsar Nicholas 2nd in Moscow there was a mass-scale stampede on the Khodynka field where more than a thousand people were killed’. From the second Tsar Nicholas sat on the throne he was faced with an unruly Russia. Tsar Nicholas 2nd inherited Russia in 1894 after his father’s death, Tsar Alexander 3rd. He faced many challenges as the Tsar of Russia due to many factors and was his own downfall in his autocracy of Russia. The geography of Russia was one of Tsar Nicholas 2nd problems. This is because the country is so large it made it very difficult for one man to govern the whole state. Russia at the time of the Tsars rule was ’22,400,000 square miles’. It is both strength and a weakness; as although it has great power, it lacks in instant mass communication. To gain control of the ‘edge of the empire’ the Tsar used Russification on those who were non-Russians. The Tsar tied to eliminate minorities in places, like Ukraine, Latvia and Estonia etc. He did this by making them read and write in Russian and join the Orthodox Church. This made him very unpopular. With such a huge empire Russia struggled with agriculture. ‘Even when the harvests were good, yields were poor compared with the rest of Europe’. Russia couldn’t keep up with the rapid growth of agriculture in Europe; it didn’t even make enough food to feed its large population. As a result of this many peasants were in poverty. As the Tsar was an absolute monarch all the blame for starving people was put onto him. The climate of Russia had a huge impact in the quality of life Russians would lead, and to which their opinion of the Tsar would be based. The weather affected space for agriculture and space for human life. Serbia was inhospitable and the soil was not good for crops. This meant 1/3 of
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