How Far Were These Difficulties Likely to Cause Problems for the Tsarist Government in the First Decades of the Twentieth Century?

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How far were these difficulties likely to cause problems for the tsarist government in the first decades of the twentieth century? During 1905, there were various issues which caused Russia to be a very difficult country to govern, such as the sheer size of the country, the Tsar and government, and their laws and views. These would cause various problems for the Tsarist government in the first decades of the 20th Century as it would lead to rioting, poor communication and much more. The first difficulty was that Russia was an immensely sized country, which ranged at nearly 1/6th of the world’s total land mass, meaning that it contained millions of Russians, as well as other nationalities, which had their country occupied by the Russian government. The general size of Russia meant that most of it was uninhabited due to the poor infrastructure and travel availability, which was restricted due to the roads being mainly dirt which, in bad weather (which was generally most of the Russian climate), the roads would turn to mud and make them completely undrivable. This would mean that keeping in contact with the thousands of state governments and such would be almost impossible, as there would be next to no communication, and if there was, it would arrive weeks late, creating confusion and little advancements. Also, three quarters of the Russian population were peasants, who owned small plots of land, which could be traded and bought by other landowners. However, these were eventually freed, and each owner got a small plot of land and in return, had to pay an amount of money to the government, which meant a lot of small farms were in debt. This meant that the Russian agriculture was poor and the remaining farms used outdated methods and had no advancements for a while, due to illiteracy and such. This was a problem for Russia, as they were losing income and the economy was
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