Dennis Rader: Transcript Of Pleas Of Guilty

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Confession of BTK Killer – Dennis Rader In the Eighteenth Judicial District District Court, Sedgwick County, Kansas Criminal Department Case No. 05 – CR498 Transcript of Pleas of Guilty Proceedings had before the Honorable Gregory L. Waller, Judge of Division 5 of the Eighteenth Judicial District of Kansas, on June 27, 2005. Judge Waller has Dennis Rader describe “in his own words,” about each of the murders. The Murder of the Otero Family: The Defendant: On January 15th, 1974, I maliciously, intentionally and premeditation killed Joseph Otero. Count Two – The Court: All right. Mr. Rader, I need to find out more information. On that particular day, the 15th day of January, 1974, can you tell me where you went to kill Mr. Joseph Otero? The Defendant: Mmm, I think it’s 1834 Edgemoor.…show more content…
You say “eventually strangled her.” The Defendant: Well, after I tied her up. I went through some things in the room there and then – and then strangled her. The Court: All right. You say you went through. Were you looking for something? The Defendant: Mm-hmm. Well, some personal items, yes. I took some personal items from there. The Court: Did you take personal items in every one of these incidents? The Defendant: I did on the Hedge. I don’t remember anything in Vicki’s place. The Oteros we got the watch and the radio. I don’t think I did any in Bright’s. Vian’s, no, I don’t think so. Fox, yes. I took some things from Fox. It was hit and miss. The Court: All right. But in regard – The Defendant: Prob – Probably if it – if it – if it was a controlled situation where I had more time I took something, but if it – if it was a confusion and other things I didn’t ‘cause I was trying to get out of there. The Court: All right. So in regard to the Davis matter, you went around the room, took a few personal things. What did you do then? The Defendant: Strangled her. The Court: What did you strangle her
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