Delusions Of Grandeur Henry Louis Gates Jr Summary

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I agree with author Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s thesis and essay, “Delusions of Grandeur.” (435) The blind pursuit of attainment in sports is having a devastating effect on African-Americans (Gates 436). There is a lack of role models directing young black athletes to pursue their education first and sports second. The public school system is failing the children by passing them without merit, for the good of the team. The youth are being encouraged by society’s desire to watch competition and making these competitors almost seem God-like. Most people, including African-Americans, are shocked when they hear the statistics on how many black athletes are being paid to perform a job. According to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2008 there were 16,500 professional athletes and sports competitors. Of those, the author states 1,200 are black. That’s only 13.75% of all professional athletes in the United States. With such a small chance of ever becoming a professional in sports, young African-Americans are chasing a dream they will most likely never fulfill. I agree with Gates’ supporting point that the public school system is failing to educate some athletes. Although I am white, I was an athlete as a youth. Sadly, I must admit that…show more content…
With gaming consoles like the Xbox and the Playstation 3, all of the gridiron and basketball heroes can be emulated at any given time. ESPN has multiple channels that not only broadcast 24 hours of sports but replays of all the best plays and greatest shots. Our televisions and billboards are covered with greater than life sports figures. So it is an uphill climb for the successful business men and women, the doctors and lawyers, the stock brokers and anyone else that wants to help change the plight of the African-American

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