Persuasive Essay - Drafting Hs Students Into Professional Sports

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Persuasive essay Drafting of Athletes Out of High School If you were an 18 year old athlete being presented with the choice of being drafted into professional sports or putting off the pros to play at the college level, what choice would you make? Every year, thousands of high school athletes decide to forgo a college education and go straight to pro sports. This in my opinion is a bad idea. These teens are typically not fully athletically developed, adequately educated, or mature enough to perform and carry themselves at this level. It is a fact that 85% of athletes that don’t attend college are NOT “successful” in their long-term athletic careers. Overall, in the NBA Hall of Fame 94% of the members attended college. Furthermore, 92% of American raised sports Hall of Famers (excluding baseball) attended college. These Hall of Fame statistics exhibit the foundation for success that is developed by attending college. Athletes in today’s society that pass up college to play pro sports are making a bad decision. A high school player that goes straight to the pros does not have enough experience. Sure, we hear about the high school students that went pro and had instant success like Lebron James and Derek Jeter, but these are only a fraction of the thousands of players that go pro each year. 85% percent of the athletes that go pro out of high school are unsuccessful and end their careers after just five short years. They are not ready to play side by side their professional counterparts because of lack of experience and immaturity. Eddy Curry is an example of someone who bypassed college to go pro. Eddy was picked fourth overall in the 2001 NBA draft by the Chicago Bulls. He was considered to be the greatest high school basketball player of all time and was predicted to have instant success in the NBA. Well, to say the least, Eddy was a huge

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