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Dehumanization in Night During the World War II period in the mid 1900’s Hitler and the Nazi Party tried to rid of the Jewish population in Europe. This event was called the Holocaust, which literally means an event of mass destruction. Hitler tried to eliminate the Jews by placing them in concentration camps to work and to eventually die. These camps were run by the Nazis and they would constantly dehumanize the Jews, this means to deprive them of their human qualities and their identities. In many cases, Eliezer would witness many Jews being tormented by dehumanization but he stayed strong for himself and for his father. Even though life would seem unbearable at times, Eliezer was determined to survive life in the camps until one day he…show more content…
The Jews were transported to the camps by being thrown into cattle cars and shipped off at about eighty people at a time. They were so weak and thin that large numbers of them could be packed into these small cars, made to fit 1 cow. “If anyone goes missing, you shall be shot, like dogs.” (German Officer, pg. 24) said one of the German officers who packed them in the cars. Jammed into the cattle car with Eliezer and his father was a woman named Mrs. Schächter. She and her son were also being sent to a concentration camp. All of a sudden, she started screaming to the others that she saw a fire after they arrived at Auschwitz. After the first couple times she did this, two of the strongest men in the car hit her until she become silent. This was an extreme form of dehumanization. Mrs. Schächter was physically beaten by the men, who in their lives before the deportation would probably never have treated a mentally unstable woman this way. Between being stuck in these tiny cars and hearing the woman yelling, the men became so irritated that they began to behave in a nonhuman manner and physically beat her until she stopped yelling. The Jews were becoming more mentally distraught, and it was beginning to show. It would have been easy for a child such as Eliezer to crumble inside when faced with such a brutal show of force. “A few more days and all of us would have started to scream.” (Eliezer, pg. 26) This is significant because unlike most people in the cars, Elizer was able to think like Mrs. Schächter Although even in the early stages in the novel Elizer seems to nearly submit to the wrath of the Nazis many times somehow he found the inner strength and courage to keep

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