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Chris Schweitzer Heidi Bradley English 101 February 9, 2012 Equal Opportunity In the “Declaration of Sentiments,” Elizabeth Cady Stanton was on a mission for the equality of women’s rights. She wrote the “Declaration of Sentiments,” to reach out to women alike, and stand up for what is right in society. It is as if she is scolding “him,” in her writing. Stanton “takes it to the man,” and is a firm believer in equal opportunity for women. Not just to vote or have the same job opportunities, but Elizabeth Cady Stanton writes the “Declaration of Sentiments,” to get a point across to everyone of her time that society is unfair and needs change. In Stanton’s writing, she is speaking to “he” in a firm tone. She seems to be almost punishing “him” with a harsh reality check. The raining of facts against women and equality that she gives examples of is a wake up call. “He” is both government and society of the 1800’s. Stanton writes all sorts of eye-opening “facts” that gives a woman’s perspective, which might as well have been forbidden at the time. Stanton feels that both society and the government need to realize what women are capable of, and just need to receive that chance. In Stanton’s writing, she says “he has made her, if married, in the eye of the law, civilly dead” (Stanton 243). This sentence alone sums up her points with great measure. Stanton feels that the society then looks at women for only one reason to live, reproduction. Stanton wants to show that yes, woman do reproduce and are willing to be a mother to any child they bring into the world, but until then, women are just as capable to work and earn a living as men. She is out to prove that there are indeed jobs out there that are suited for women and cater to there own skills as well as experiences. The “Declaration of Sentiments” is not retaliation to the “Declaration

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