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The Declaration of Independence is one of the greatest political documents in history due to its powerful and distinctive combination of universal principles and also an abstract theory of government. The Declaration of Independence had a huge effect on the U.S, it confirmed the United States free from Britain rule, it united the North and the South since at the time America was divided in two because of the American Civil War, and it expressed the basic principles on which the U.S government should be based off of. America was instituted on the First Principle that the safety of unalienable rights is the legitimate purpose of government, and that government ought to be limited so that it cannot rule over the people of its country. The Declaration…show more content…
One of the effects of the Declaration of Independence was the liberation of black slaves. It brought about the Emancipation Proclamation, which gave black slaves their freedom. The Declaration of Independence also had an effect on the equality among all men and women. The first sentence of the Preamble states: “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal.” Throughout history, there have been so many distinctive changes, from freedom of slaves, to equality among men and women. Today women have been given every opportunity that men are given and are now equivalent among men. The Declaration of Independence served a purpose far beyond that of a public notice of separation. Its ideas inspired mass eagerness for the American cause, inspiring the citizens to fight for personal freedom, self-government. The historical Declaration of Independence brought a great impact on the lives of the Americans. The Declaration of Independence, nevertheless, enlightened the citizens of America on what an independent government, which absolutely acknowledges and respects the unalienable rights of its fellow citizens, should be. Lives of the Americans would never be the same since the Declaration of Independence was

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