A Summary Of The Declaration Of Independence

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Kenneth Nicole Dr. John Smith Hist 1507 18 February 2014 Exam 1 Essay, 46 Pages Chapter 1 Declaration of Independence Summary As we all know that the Declaration of Independence was and still is so important to America because it formally declared that the thirteen colonies of North America were free and independent from British monarch. It was the beginning of the American Revolution, and formation of the federal government and a new United States of America. Shortly before Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Paine wrote the Common Sense which first printed in December 1775 and published to the mass audiences in February 1776. At the time of its publication in January 1776, Independence from England was still a goal that had not been decided upon and the process of creating a declaration was still in a heated debate between the delegates at the second Continental Congress. Paine pointed out why America should pursue independence from England. He established his idea from natural laws and common sense ideas like reflect the period of cold Age of Enlightenment or how can a king so far away rule a different nation? During this period of time, the people of the world…show more content…
Paine constructed his ideas and beliefs by using some of the simplest language so the people would be able to understand, come together and motivate themself around an idea as opposed to simple orders and discipline. (46 Pages, 20) In my opinion, Thomas Paine was one of the most important figures of the American Revolution. Because of his strong passions and the making of "Common Sense" that makes the Declaration of Independence becomes critical up to today. This same act caused the typical American to support the push toward American independence but also an important artifact in a foundation of American democracy. (46 Pages,
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