Death of a Sales Man Movie Review

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject DD Month YYYY Death of a Salesman- Movie Review 1- Willy's idea that being well-liked is a guarantee of success. Why does he cling to this belief? How are his sons (especially Biff) affected by Willy's believing this? When charley offers Willy a job --after Willy has been fired from his own job--why dose Willy refuse to go to work for Charley? Willy Loman in the movie Death of a Salesman is presented as an extremely insecure man. The main character justifies his life’s failures by lying to his family members as well as to himself. He has conjured a utopic world where he is viewed as a very successful salesman. The man masks his feelings of self-doubt and anxiety with utter arrogance. However, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep appearances of a macho man image from time to time and this leads him to consult and plead with successful individuals for support and guidance. All effort notwithstanding, it becomes apparently clear that Willy is rather unpopular and is not even slightly good at sales. This frustrations and insecurities often make the character think that popularity, will guarantee success. In my opinion, the major conflict between Biff and Willy Loman stems from Willy’s desires that Biff be successful at what he does but he does not lead through example. This is evidenced by his words that are not backed by actions as he is also not successful at his job. His son is portrayed as a person who has mental problems, a weakling and one who is unable to have any ambition of achieving the American dream. Willy’s refusal of Charley’s job offer despite his poor financial situation is utterly absurd. His pride is the main cause of this and it is manifested in his arrogant refusal of a much needed job offer. 2- Willy's relationship with Biff. What is the reason for their relationship being strained? What are
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